Why are we here?

First of all, welcome to the Maki Developer Community. You're a part of a special family now, a group of people working hard to change the world in a very tangible way. Read on to learn more.


Our primary goal is to build a new World Wide Web, but this time in a way that everyone has a seat at the table. We're disintermediating the web, removing centralized systems and replacing them with a decentralized protocol, Fabric.

Fabric is a way to distribute information without censorship, while fairly rewarding those who help keep the network running. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace for data, built as a layer on top of the Bitcoin network, that can be used for just about any application imaginable, ranging from web hosting to Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Our first focus is on "apps", as you might know them. Services like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook are all "apps", but they rely on a company to keep them running. With Fabric, published "apps" stay alive, forever. Join #fabric to learn more.


We've begun work on a new tool to help people build "apps" in this strange new world where we don't need companies to keep them alive. It's a full-stack JavaScript framework called Maki, and it's pretty rad – our goal is to get an average developer from zero to MVP (that's Minimum Viable Product) in 15 minutes. We're a ways off from that now, but with this community's help, we'll get there quickly.

Our community is focused on developers; that is, anyone interested in building product. Developers aren't just coders, they are the artists, writers, and community builders that develop the momentum we need. To this end, our strategy is to empower one another through mentoring, knowledge sharing, and business relationships that keep us all fed, both physically and intellectually.


Our most valuable asset is the Bitcoin ecosystem. The only reason Fabric is now possible is a result of the strong trust anchor that the Bitcoin blockchain forms, so we must do everything we can to understand and support Bitcoin at every turn. We have both #bitcoin and #learning available, so plug yourself in to learn more.


Our vision is one of empowerment for all people. After all, if it is inaccessible to the poor, it is neither radical nor revolutionary.

Part of Fabric's vision is the disruption of several industries, ranging from advertising and publishing to government and infrastructure. We imagine a future where every individual is provided fair compensation for the value they provide, and no outside party can force their will upon another.

If this is something that interests you, stick around. Plug yourself into the community by installing both the desktop and mobile versions of Slack, and setting your notifications appropriately. Take a look at the pinned items in each of the channels you are a member of for further instructions.

We'll see you on the other side – and remember, you can't stop the signal.

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